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Decision: I bought PLTR around the $25 range and I’m going to continue to hold onto it. I think that the potential upside from them growing the commercial side of their business (i.e. the non-government contracts) + their really impressive product suite, outweighs the concerns I have about their hefty valuation.

Potential Red Flags: Need to keep an eye on (1) what stock based compensation looks like in the future (it’s really high now), (2) whether the deal value from commercial customers are realised (i.e. becomes revenue), (3) whether company insiders start selling too many shares.


  • Amazing products. I watched…

Determining ‘luck’ and working with the ‘Expected’ metrics

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Inspired by Soner Yildirim’s article (link) that talked through some exploratory data analytics for the EPL 2019–2020 season, I wanted to see if I could glean any insights that were specific to Liverpool. It was their title winning season after all!

I used the same dataset that he got from kaggle.

As I browsed the dataset, I had one question in mind — did Liverpool really earn their victory? Was there quantitative evidence to support or refute the argument that Liverpool were just lucky this season?

Preparing the Environment

The initial bit was relatively simple. I used Jupyter Notebooks as my main analysis…

Building A Financial Planner for Couples

Screenshot of the Financial Planner App — Sticky Note Page

The Technical Challenge

The idea behind the project was a simple one — to build a web-app that would allow couples to have an integrated overview of their finances. As I began to scope out the project, I started to get a little concerned about some of the technical challenges that I would have to overcome. For one, I would need to build some logic that allows two users to log into a single account. Another huge hurdle I would have to overcome is figuring out the Google Drive API .

But heck, I decided to be a lot more positive about it…

Screenshot of ‘Alien Hunt’, turn based tile game coded in Vanilla Javascript

Game and Github Links

Inspiration for the Idea

The inspiration and general idea behind this project was XCOM! For the uninitiated (straight from the wiki):

X-COM (sometimes stylized as X-Com or XCOM) is a science fiction video game franchise featuring an elite international organization tasked with countering alien invasions of Earth.

The basic mechanics of the game were that you had an army, the aliens had an army, and both sides took turns trying to attack each other on a two-dimensional tile board. It was honestly one of the most fun games I had ever played (and I usually find turn based games rather dull).


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It might be hard to figure out how to prepare for a coding bootcamp once you’ve decided to sign up and commit yourself to it.

You know you have a limited window to get yourself ready. The challenge though, is picking the right resources and crafting out a plan for you to get to an ideal level of “preparedness”.

I’ve listed out below a general structure of how I thought about things! I had four main objectives from the process — (1) get a decent feel of computer science, (2) practice programming basics (i.e. …

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